Letters to the Editor

'Starting to hurt'

I agree with Ray Unruh [letter April 10] regarding our forked-tongue Fresno County Supervisor Bob Waterston. His district has felt the swinging door hitting us in the "backside" before.

When I heard Mr. Waterston make the statement on TV that "no new casinos because of the roads, water and air," I was appalled. What is the difference between the roads, water and air around Mono Wind and the roads, water and air around the Jesse Morrow Mountain? A big operation (Cemex Mining) wants in so it's the back of the swinging door for the constituents again. Remember the garbage collection.

The Cemex operation will take a big part of Jesse Morrow Mountain down, as well as pumping water at a minimum of 15,000 gallons a day (from where?). The water is needed to keep the dust down. Where is the Environmental Protection Agency? Can just anyone get away with that?

Highway 180 is a big mess because of Vulcan being allowed to put more trucks on the road. Cemex will add at least 900 more trucks daily. The destruction of Indian heritage on Jesse Morrow Mountain is another issue completely.

Get a pillow for your backside because that swinging door is starting to hurt.

Sherry Moses