Letters to the Editor

'Let God be in charge'

Have any of the global warming alarmists considered that God is in control of this earth? Common sense explains his use of greenhouse gases vs. solar flares. I will reference the Mars ice caps melting, and no greenhouse gases there.

Man vs. God: Who do you think is in charge? Maybe God is warming the earth so we can grow more food for the masses. So what if the earth gets warmer? One must remember, if you do not change or adapt to the environment in which you live, you will become extinct. This is true, whether it is your life, marriage, business or survival.

You do not try to control anything that you cannot control. Common sense should prepare you to make change. You will wear more clothing when it is cold, and less when it is warm. You do not try changing the weather. We should all be good stewards of the earth, but let's let God be in charge of climate control.

Frank De Tienne