Letters to the Editor

Library offense

During the week before Easter Sunday, the following sign was on the door of the Sunnyside Regional Branch of the Fresno County Free Library: "The Library will be closed Sunday, April 8, 2007. Administrative Closure."

"Administrative Closure"? What happened to "The Library will be closed Easter Sunday"? Since when has "Easter" been a dirty word with the county library hierarchy?

The library administrators huddle in their offices covertly scratching out "politically correct" public notes in an ineffectual and misguided catering to a few fractious whiners. In doing this, they offend hundreds -- nay, thousands -- of library patrons who respond favorably to the time-honored use of "Easter" in the American vocabulary.

Is the outlawing of the words "Easter Sunday" a reason to close libraries for that day a capricious decision at the library? Is it an official policy of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. Is it the law of the land?

The timidity to use the words "Easter Sunday" by the county library staff would be viewed as ludicrous if it wasn't so very, very tragic.

Walter J. Gilgert