Letters to the Editor

Solution won't be easy

Valley Voices writer Mary Ann Lewis gave a lovely elegy [April 7] for her disappearing Clovis -- and rural -- way of life. The Clovis City Council is allowing a 100-acre window factory to be built on land it is annexing in Harland Ranch.

Where would Ms. Lewis want the factory to be built? Wherever it is, it will be in someone's back yard. All of us want windows in our homes, and factories have to be built where the workers can live and work, so that means near population centers. The only other choice is to have this factory built overseas. But that also has problems. American manufacturing jobs are disappearing overseas all too fast.

Whatever the solution to the disappearing rural land and wildlife that Mary Ann Lewis laments, it will not be easy. We as a society will have to decide between several competing and contradictory situations. As it stands right now, the willy-nilly growth into rural lands will continue unless -- and until -- we as a society decide how to manage that growth, how to slow that growth, protect the environment, and still have manufacturing jobs and industry right here in the United States instead of overseas.

Susan Carlisle