Letters to the Editor

'Wasted time and lives'

A huge sink hole of wasted time and lives is sucking a large percentage of school age children into a hopeless, useless life on the public dole or in jail. The after-school hours and the weekends of boredom and no adult supervision produce a threat to the future of our nation.

Hundreds of thousands each year quit school or finish high school only to become dependent on welfare. They consider themselves too good for menial tasks that are steps up the ladder for immigrants. Hours spent before the television cause them to think that this is a society of leisure and luxury obtained without working hours or community obligations.

Outside the classroom, there are youth organizations providing participants the experience of social engagement and character development. The tragedy is that there are not enough teams and clubs and adult volunteers. I dropped out 15 years ago at age 70. I regret that I did. We need a massive effort nationwide to expand youth programs. Let's start in Fresno. I invite anyone to call me.

Leland E. Scott