Letters to the Editor

'With forked tongue'

The March 26 letter, "Political disease," is entirely appropriate for Fresno County Supervisor Bob Waterston, only it doesn't end there. There is another disease -- speaking with forked tongue.

Mr. Waterston stated on TV that there would be no more Indian casinos in Fresno County due to the pollution, traffic congestion and lack of water problems in Fresno County, but he is in favor of the Cemex Mine on Jesse Morrow Mountain, creating far more traffic, water and pollution problems than the casinos.

There are already three mining projects in a 31/2-mile area supplying gravel and other products to other counties as well. Why should we, as residents of Fresno County, suffer the effects of an additional 900 trucks daily on Highway 180, an additional 15,000 gallons of water from our aquifer per day, unknown hazards of health problems from our grossly polluted air and the destruction of Indian heritage on Jesse Morrow? Could it be Supervisor Waterston is supporting this project due to the generous donations these types of companies make to political campaigns?

He should start serving the constituents of his district, or resign and let a reputable person who listens to the people represent us.

Ray Unruh

Squaw Valley