Letters to the Editor

'Go-it-alone ideology'

An essential point was omitted in The Bee article, "UN pact for the disabled wins support" (April 1). The United States has not signed on to the pact despite support for this international effort by the disability community in our country. Eighty other nations have recognized the importance of this document in striving to remove barriers faced by disabled people throughout the world.

The document calls for access to employment for people with disabilities, as well as establishing social systems providing integration and equality for members of the disability community. Why did so many countries not known for their disability sensitivity sign this document, while our government failed to do so?

Spokespersons for the administration argue we already have laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that go beyond anything called for in the pact. On the other hand, the question of why not sign is equally valid and remains unanswered. My belief is this is another indication of our current anti-international political stance, a go-it-alone ideology and an extension of isolationism that only is breached when it is perceived that United States' national interests are at stake.

Ed Eames, Ph.D.


Fresno ADA Advisory Council