Letters to the Editor

'A good investment'

I disagree with Dylan Blackshear (letter April 4) that a new dam at Temperance Flat is a waste of money, and would be useless in a below-average year of precipitation.

What he doesn't mention is that when we do have an above-average snowpack and wet year like 2006, the snow melt runoff can overfill Millerton Lake and cause the spillway to overflow. Then the floodgates have to be opened to release water down the San Joaquin River to accommodate the new inflow. Sometimes this water release can last for months. What a waste, when it could be stored in a new dam above Millerton Lake.

Water is a precious commodity and should not be taken for granted. I agree that sometimes we have two consecutive dry years, and when we do have an abundance of snow we should conserve it. A new dam can also be used to generate electricity. I say build the new dam -- it's a good investment.

Alex Rubalcava