Letters to the Editor

'It's not my fault'

An April 6 Bee article reported a newly discovered illness may have fueled the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys. Symptoms of this malady, which I'll call the "Restless Fists Syndrome," include increased levels of stress, adrenaline and "fight or flight" hormones. At the risk of appearing the skeptical Neanderthal, refusing to believe the frontal lobe is round when confronted with modern medical miracles, does anyone else see the sheer lunacy in this circus?

The only people who benefit from such claims are psychiatrists, those prone to violent outbursts and, when apprehended, their lawyers. I truly despise people who blame anyone and everything other than themselves for actions of their own doing -- "It's not my fault; I have (whatever the heck you want to call this)."

What say we lock up anyone who uses this condition as lame justification for their crimes; toss in their attorneys to maintain a social order, then see what's left when the dust settles?

Bill Ferguson