Letters to the Editor

Get those signs down after the yard sale is over

The city of Fresno spends a great deal of money painting out graffiti illegally placed on businesses, walls, sidewalks, poles and other areas in the community. There is another form of graffiti that seems to be overlooked.

Every day as I travel the city streets, I see illegally placed signs on telephone poles, stop signs, trees and light poles. These signs advertise garage and yard sales, houses for sale, concerts and any number of other enterprises.

I can appreciate the need to advertise a sale or a happening, but please, oh please, remove them after the event. Days and sometimes weeks later, I see the signs still up. I have even removed a number of them. But shouldn't the person who put them up have the decency to remove them?

Most of these signs have addresses or phone numbers written on them.

Maybe it's time for some code enforcement from the city.

Roselyn Clark