Letters to the Editor

Form letters?

I've stopped fretting over the many Bush-hating letters in The Bee, mainly because I've discovered that if you've read one, you've just about read them all.

The first paragraph sets the stage, spewing vitriol such as "Bush lied!", "Cheney owns Halliburton (or vice versa)" and "Rumsfeld loves torture!"

The next paragraph is used to justify the first, and does so by quoting a highly placed source, who must remain unknown, and by revealing last minute results of a poll -- no information as to who commissioned the poll, how many were polled, etc. -- and a report just issued by a highly respected think tank, very rarely named, and if named, still unknown to anyone but the writer.

The last paragraph, of course, gives the solution(s): "Damn the credibility, get out of Iraq now," "Impeach Bush," "Imprison Cheney," etc.

While it's possible that the great majority of these haters use a similar format, and similar wording just coincidentally, I wonder if in fact they are not helped along by what might be called instructions by outfits such as Moveon.org, or the Huffington Blog, or perhaps ANSERS. You make the call!

Leonard E. Goldberg