Letters to the Editor

'Stop this madman'

I've read that President Bush named Republican Swift Boat fundraiser Sam Fox as U.S. ambassador to Belgium, bypassing Congress, which was certain to reject the nomination.

This action is one in a series that have led me to believe that our president is acting like a madman. What can we do to stop this guy?

He continues to wage a war that is lost. He accuses those of us who want to end the war of being unpatriotic, of collaborating with the enemy. A majority of Americans want to extricate our great nation from President Bush's murderous mess in Iraq.

Katrina. Iraq. Justice Department corruption. Veterans. Weapons of mass destruction. Denial of global warming. And now the president appoints a Swift Boat financier to an ambassadorship during a congressional break.

I've had enough.

There is something we can do to stop him. Some people say it's too late for impeachment, so I'm imploring our members of Congress to make the Iraq withdrawal plan veto-proof.

I'm writing my congressman, a Republican, to ask that he do the right thing.

End this war. Stop this madman.

Art Reker