Letters to the Editor

Pray for the soldier

The head of the editorial section of one of California's major newspapers laments that his son, a volunteer U.S. Army scout is headed to Iraq, to a war the father declared "lost." Compare two stories.

First, about the sharp scalpel of a surgeon searching for persistent cancer in the abdomen of the White House press secretary. The media ask questions without predicting outcome.

Second, about the sharp claws of the American eagle, a U.S. Army scout in Iraq. The media have concluded the war against terror is lost.

Regrettably, America's foreign policy has been manipulated by its enemies, such the withdrawal of Western troops from Russia in 1920 and from Vietnam in the 1970s, resulting in the murder of millions. Now, the media urge abandonment of the Iraqi people, who cannot -- without outside help -- escape serfdom under a terrorist minority.

I am appalled by a father whose commentary makes his son a prime target.

I pray for this young soldier's safety as he goes vicariously into harm's way to atone for those unwilling to protect freedom and democracy. I pray for a soldier who goes to a war that would have been long concluded successfully with united resolve.

Andre Minuth