Letters to the Editor

'Water is cash'

A Bee story March 23 quoted Northwest Economic Associates as claiming 3,000 jobs would be lost as a result of San Joaquin River restoration.

Rep. Devin Nunes, who is touting the study, is obviously shilling for large corporate farming operations and water districts in Tulare and Kern counties, which are not even in the San Joaquin River watershed, although they now get 75% of the water.

Bee readers should know that Northwest Economic Associates has been doing consulting for South Valley water interests dating back to 1983. Those interests include billionaires Stewart Resnick of Beverly Hills, king of the water marketers, and cotton king J.G. Boswell.

They like to call themselves "family farmers," but they are getting into the business of selling public water with none of the profit returned to the taxpayers.

If these rich businessmen were dipping into the public treasury and pulling out cash the public would be howling. Well, water is cash. It's time we stopped this thievery.

Rep. Nunes needs to know the river and its water belong to the people of California, not a handful of schemers.

Walter A. Shubin

Director, Revive the San Joaquin