Letters to the Editor

Just wait them out

I agree with Harry Lopes' letter on the "Garbage Gestapo." I, too, have fallen under their ire. I have lived in my home for seven years and always stashed my trash bins out-of-sight behind oleander bushes. My home is on a cul-de-sac and is not even visible till two houses away. The bins are even farther out of sight. I recently received notice they were not in compliance.

I saw the "trash cop" take the picture of my "criminal" situation. To do so he had to drive around the cul-de-sac clockwise, which is shown by the angle of the picture submitted. Had he been driving legally, he would not have seen them ordinarily. However, right before he took the picture, the oleanders had been trimmed back severely and have not yet regrown.

I can only think this city employee is very zealous. Is there a bounty on such incidents? Or is this a tactic to fill city coffers rather than beautify Fresno? Wasn't it the city that instituted the three-bin system, anyway? Perhaps when trash cops are no longer financially feasible they will be be discontinued, as were water cops and red-light cameras. Meanwhile, I am disgusted and furious.

Mary Clark