Letters to the Editor

We can 'make a difference in the life of a child'

It only takes a minute to make a difference in the life of a child.

Across the nation, April is designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month. In Fresno County, the Council on Child Abuse Prevention (FCCAP) is the conduit for child abuse prevention education and mandated child abuse reporter training.

The lives of thousands of children have been positively impacted because of the services made available by FCCAP to social service agencies, law enforcement and the general public. Our challenge is to continue with these educational services, at the most productive level, to insure the continued well-being of our children.

Each of us, as adults, has the responsibility to protect and nurture our young. FCCAP is there to help provide that opportunity for you. If you have a question about or a concern for a child, don't wait. Please call our office at 268-1118 or call the Child Protective Services Careline at 255-8320. If it is an emergency, call 911. The life of a child might depend on the action you take.

Linda Hightower

Interim Director

Fresno Child Abuse Council