Letters to the Editor

In officials' hands

Having organized water forums these last two years, I am well aware that environmentalists know that if the water cannot sustain or support certain fish, that means that the water is polluted and not fit for human consumption. So often the media will interpret this information as if environmentalists are more concerned for fish and not people.

What I heard from environmentalists this year did mention conservation of water but it was in terms of run-offs. The hard surfaces laid by developers have created a condition that causes water to go down the gutter and out to the ocean.

Instead of planning how that water can reconstitute itself by creating streets and plant beds in such a way that water can be purified as it moves and helping it to seep into the water tables, both the Fresno City Council and Fresno County Board of Supervisors continue to build the same old way. This creates more pollution and certainly does not help to decontaminate the run-offs. Still the media complain about the environmentalists versus those who want dams, when the solution is in the hands of our officials.

Lydia Flores