Letters to the Editor

Letter was mistaken

As the director of communications for The Big Fresno Fair it is my responsibility to point out the following issues with the March 28 letter from Sandy Cusak, entitled "Water, water everywhere -- except at fairground," and share the facts.

The letter says Ms. Cusak attended a "farm show" at the fairground. Besides the Farm & Nutrition Day, held the same day the letter ran, there has not been a farm show at the fairground in 2007. We are unsure to which event she refers. Recent public shows include the Home & Garden Show, March 2-4 and the RV Show, March 16-18.

In regard to references made about available public drinking fountains at the fairground:

There are nine drinking fountains in various common areas throughout the fairground.

One of the nine fountains was not operational during the two events listed above. It was located in the Industry Commerce Building, distinctly different from what was reported in the letter.

The Big Fresno Fairground has gone to great lengths to make sure its facility is clean and operating properly. This letter contradicts the fair's efforts and inaccurately describes the functionality of the facilities on grounds.

Debra Nalchajian-Cohen

Cohen Communications

The Big Fresno Fair

Director of Communications