Letters to the Editor

'Do have a problem'

In a letter April 2, Shalene M. Kearney complains about having to pay the full price ($2) for a cheese sandwich when her children forget their lunches. She asks if anyone else has a problem with this. Perhaps Ms. Kearney should be more concerned with teaching her children that there are consequences to their actions.

If they forget their lunches, is that the school's fault? If not, who else can they blame? She demonstrates an attitude that is becoming all too common in our society today. All of life's problems -- major and minor -- are someone else's responsibility.

To answer her question: I do not have a problem with her having to pay the full price of $2 for a cheese sandwich for her children because they forgot their lunch. I do have a problem if I have to pay for her child's lunch with my taxes.

Phil Lippner