Letters to the Editor

Congress needs to think these things through

On March 10, millions of clocks, VCRs and other devices had to be adjusted for the early start of Daylight Saving Time. The attendant publicity reminded us that a further adjustment would be needed in November because of the delayed ending date, supposedly two special operations each year.

That publicity was not correct. On Saturday, March 31, because of their pre-programming, all those devices thought it was time to change for the start of DST. And their owners are now faced with special adjustments four times a year, not two. This could have been predicted and the public more correctly advised about the situation.

This change of DST is another half-thought-out action by Congress, making a change the benefits of which will remain uncertain for some time, if not forever.

Congress has proved again that it can't handle simple matters decently, so it is no wonder that it can't deal effectively with the really important issues facing the nation.

James L. Martin