Letters to the Editor

'Profit without limit'

Many believe that private for-profit businesses are better than any other organization. Indeed, soviet collectives, utopian communities, religious missions and fascist governments provide proof that free enterprise can be more efficient and productive.

There are limits. Relying solely on the motivation of profit does not give us better water, land use, food, workplaces, public services or military defense. Private businesses often belittle and underpay employees, shareholders and consumers.

After scandals and deaths, we then choose government regulation to keep the private businesses from destroying themselves and ourselves.

Lately, we have seen corporate corruption, privatized jails, mercenary armies, bad building and road maintenance, war profiteers, inept emergency relief and ineffective contracts between governments and business partners.

Now our pet dogs are dying. This is another case of profit without limit or conscience. We must re-learn to govern ourselves or else learn to live as slaves to the masters of greed.

Cordell B. Jelf Jr.