Letters to the Editor

'Rosie-colored glasses'

U.S. citizens are used to looking through rose-colored glasses regarding just about everything. Let's have them look through Rosie O'Donnell's glasses for a minute. She's blowing the lid off the 9/11 Bush fairy tale.

The evidence has been there for 51/2 years: an intentional stand-down of U.S. military planes guaranteeing the hits would happen, no Arab names found on airline manifests; stark evidence that a small military aircraft or missile -- not an airliner -- hit the Pentagon, videos showing pre-set demolition charges brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7, a government-sponsored concealment of film and physical evidence -- including all airplane black boxes.

Two videos -- "Loose Change #2" and "Hidden In Plane Site" -- provide a mountain of evidence proving an inside job. The old rose-colored glasses crowd shouts: "You can't prove it happened that way!" My Rosie-colored glasses say: "You can't prove it didn't!"

If this matter could be put through honest courts and juries, I am confident that there is more than enough evidence to put top members of the Bush regime and the Pentagon away for keeps. Wait no longer -- let's all don our Rosie-colored glasses and shout, "Go, Rosie, go."

Julius P. Rasmussen Jr.