Letters to the Editor

Too 'inconvenient'

So, The Bee runs a front-page story (April 1) parroting Al Gore's latest schtick and quoting a U.N. panel's statement that global warming is "very likely" caused by human industry. Mr. Gore and his admirers call for eliminating the internal combustion engine, insist everyone ride bicycles, and would tax factories into bankruptcy. According to a March 26 article in Investors Business Daily, this would "impoverish everyone in the process."

The article cites a study by the Danish Meteorological Institute, which has tracked solar cycles for centuries. The data shows that when the sun heats up, the earth heats up. On the same day Mr. Gore was lecturing Congress on man-made global warming, NASA announced that the sun is hotter than expected and that the temperature on Mars is rising right along with that of earth.

IBD also quoted a Hoover Institute study revealing that earth's temperature fluctuations correlated with solar activity. When seeking to determine if human industry had any affect on global temperatures, the institute's study declared. "Nothing -- the relationship wasn't there."

Al Gore acknowledges the DMI study in his book, but relegates it to footnote status. I guess giving this truth proper attention would have been inconvenient.

Jim Heinrichs