Letters to the Editor

Our lowest ebb

During the 1990s, America stood tall and proud in the eyes of the world. Our national debt, which threatened global economic security, was coming under control. Then in 2000, someone new moved into the White House. Today, we are the biggest debtor nation in history.

Sept. 11 struck a terrible blow to America, but not to American prestige around the globe. On Sept. 12, 2001, the world turned out to express sympathy for the United States. A million people gathered in the streets of Tehran to show their support.

A recent poll for BBC World News gives pause for thought. Though all nations' reputations ebb and flow, America's standing today is the lowest that has ever been recorded. The good news is that we are not at the bottom of the list: Israel, Iran, and by some measures, North Korea, received lower ratings. President Bush often asserts that the greatest threat to America is terrorism. He is wrong. The greatest threat to the greatest nation on earth? Playing follow the leader with the worst president in history.

Bruce Ratcliffe