Letters to the Editor

'Dramatic and insane'

When I read that rural ag towns may join Mendota in condemning federal immigration raids (March 30), two words came to mind -- "dramatic" and "insane." As far as the dictionaries go, "illegal" still means not according to or authorized by law. Does that mean because they allow illegal immigrants to reside in their communities that we can also speed, since even though it's "illegal" it will bring in money through citations? Is stealing OK, too, because, let's face it, we don't know who really needs it more the robber or the person who was victimized?

To condemn what is not authorized by law is all fine and dandy, but why not come up with a real way to help these unfortunate victims. It's not like they knew they were breaking the law, right? How about these very distraught town officials who are afraid of losing valuable community money? Have them set up an organization and sites where illegal immigrants can obtain assistance with paperwork. Make it cheaper for them to become legal residents. For being passive and dramatic, I condemn city officials' actions, or lack thereof.

Sindy Murrieta