Letters to the Editor

Who knew?

I was appalled at the plight of eight women who work at the Herman G. Stark Youth Correctional Facility in Chino who have filed a lawsuit claiming they were subject to rampant sexual harassment by male inmates and that state officials neglected to take action after the incidents were reported. Of course, the suit will bring these counselors and officers a much deserved settlement.

I have long been aware of the unruly, vulgar, rude, miscreants who fill our jails and correctional facilities. What is desperately needed is a better behaved and more cultured class of inmates.

This may come about as newly inducted offenders are exposed to classical music and given poetry and literature readings. Ballet is also a great way to learn poise and self-assurance. Daily examples of good behavior and singing of spiritual songs will also help to redirect the conduct of these errant young men who are merely misguided.

And what was the state thinking when they thrust these innocent and unsuspecting women into such a hostile environment? Shame on the powers that be for exhibiting such poor judgment as exposing employees to such shocking treatment. Who could have expected these inmates to act so badly?

Ted Messerlian