Letters to the Editor

Hiding the truth

The Bee's Political Notebook (March 31) reported that the words of language consultant Frank Luntz were especially painful for his Republican audience. Mr. Luntz recommended using softer words such as "personalize" instead of "privatize" to promote the Republican position on Social Security. He also suggests using the word "spirituality" instead of "religion" and "troop realignment" in Iraq, instead of "troop surge."

Yes, every American, Republican or otherwise, should find such advice very painful, because it does not address the issues, and only disguises them in more palatable, if not evasive terms. One wonders whether this is how ethical values are being defined now. Choosing softer words to market or conceal debatable realities?

As we enter the 2008 election year, one hopes that all political parties commit themselves to avoiding such evasive, deceptive and misleading marketing techniques.

Yezdyar Kaoosji