Letters to the Editor

Grateful to 'special people' who sacrifice so much

As I read Anthony Butterfield's final letter home in The Bee March 29, my eyes filled with tears. I used to do yard work for their neighbor and would see him, his brother and friends whooping it up, riding their motorcycles and having fun. I didn't know at the time I was observing a soon-to-be angel.

After reading I felt some shame as well. Sometimes I pay too much attention to what I think are the big things and discount the little things. His letter reminded me the little things are the big things. At the same time, I was humbled that such special people and their families would sacrifice so much, voluntarily, so that my family and I may pursue life, liberty and happiness.

My nephew leaves shortly on a carrier for the Gulf. While he is gone I'll mow his lawn, e-mail him and pray for his well-being. Should something happen to him, I'll be heartbroken, but comforted knowing he is in the company of angels like Anthony Butterfield. To the Butterfields and all service personnel and their families who have given so much, I want to say how grateful I am, and God bless you.

Brian Murray

Shaver Lake