Letters to the Editor

Healthy dairies

In the near future, there are plans for large dairies establishing a presence in Fresno County. A group of concerned citizens have formed a Healthy Dairy Commission to monitor the standards for protection of Fresno's air and water quality potentially harmed by the functioning of large dairies. Our studies have shown that there are methods for lessening the threats of dairy pollution with appropriate standards.

We have received the initial written guidelines prepared by the Fresno County Department of Public Works and Planning dealing with standards for dairies. On April 10, public hearings are scheduled for 6 p.m. at the County Plaza Ball Room at Tulare and M streets. It is hoped that all citizens concerned with air pollution and water pollution will attend this public session to help in the establishment of the final standards for Fresno County dairies.

The ideals of welcoming new industry and safeguarding the health of our children can both be achieved.

Lee J. Snyder, M.D.