Letters to the Editor

'Only to survive'

The only timetable that is important to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is to remain in office until the end of their terms. The attitude of the majority of Americans toward the war is not important, the decrees of Congress are not important, the devastation to the country and population of Iraq is not important, the deaths and injury and suffering of U.S. soldiers and countless Iraqis is not important and the mass migration of refugees from Iraq to adjacent countries is not important.

Only to survive to the end of his term without impeachment is important, and to achieve this in any manner possible to protect, so they think, their own reputations.

It was President Nixon who had conscience enough to resign, but the architect of the Vietnam war, Henry Kissinger, managed to survive, even though he should have been brought to trial for his war crimes. What is pathetic is that Vice President Cheney, the architect of Halliburton's war for Iraqi oil, will likewise not be prosecuted.

Daniel H. Shubin