Letters to the Editor

There's plenty to do here in Fresno besides sit

Mike Osegueda says it is his goal to remove the phrase "There's nothing to do in Fresno" from our local vocabulary [column March 16]. Then I have a challenge for him. The premiere "7" section had numerous listings for places to go. Places to go and sit. Sit and eat, sit and watch or sit and listen. So where was all the stuff to "do"? I mean "do" as in participate, learn or be active?

We're trying to convince our high school students that they need to become more physically active while we sit on our duffs and "do" nothing. That won't cut it with our teens.

Fortunately, the Gateway Ice Center has decided to stay open for now. There's one thing to do. Or grab your camera, drive into the foothills and take a hike among the wildflowers. How about a gourmet cooking class? Or learning how to make pottery? Both Fresno and Clovis offer inexpensive adult ed classes to expand your horizons. And how about some dancing? Isn't there anywhere to go dancing in Fresno?

When people say there's nothing to "do" in Fresno, it's because they're bored with idly sitting around. Help us out here!

Patricia Guy