Letters to the Editor

'Children pay the price'

Those who think feeding children cheese sandwiches is cruel are just ridiculous. What is cruel are the parents who send their children to school with no lunch money or sack lunch to eat.

I work at the Food Services in the Clovis Unified School District and I send out notice after notice, letting parents know about the account balances. What is cruel is when children pay the price for custody battles in a family. The child gets neglected.

I've paid for children's lunches out of my own pocket and never get reimbursed by the parent or parents, nor do I ever get a "thank you." I get chewed out because I fed their kids a cheese sandwich.

If you don't want to have your kids eat cheese sandwiches, then send them to school with a sack lunch or money for their lunch accounts. Those who have fallen on hard times can always pick up a reduced-price lunch application to see if they qualify for free or a reduced-price lunch. They're your children.

Maria Hernandez