Letters to the Editor

Burden to taxpayers

With all the recent opinions on physical education courses and obesity, plus the current arguments over child health care, and now the "cheese sandwiches for students" story, I wonder if anyone shares my opinion on these topics.

If you can't afford to feed, clothe, shelter and insure your children, try not having them. Why is it my responsibility, and the responsibility of every employed taxpayer in California, to meet these basic parenting necessities?

Further, while I'm not denying the value of P.E. being taught in schools, the children's education can't stop there. If you don't know how to teach your kids the need for a proper diet and exercise, plus meet the responsibilities for basic parenthood mentioned above, I suggest birth control, or at least self-control, before these parents burden California taxpayers any further.

Of course, I doubt if those who lack all of these skills spend a lot of time reading the opinion pages.

Brett LeTourneau