Letters to the Editor

'Lingering problem'

Three letter writers disagreed with my husband's letter [March 23], which addressed a front-page story in The Bee that suggested the war in Iraq could be justified because prosperous America could afford it -- as if anything as atrocious as war can be justified on the basis of affordability. He referred to those who took this stance as "moneychangers."

He often uses this word to describe anyone, not just Jews, who is consumed pathologically with money without regard for moral or spiritual considerations. There are certainly an abundance of those around in every religion, race and nationality. He also wrote in his letter that he agreed with a Bee columnist, Marlin Dick, who in some detail was offering some reasonable solutions to the terrible threat of an escalating war in the Middle East.

It is certainly difficult to properly debate any complex issue such as the Middle East crisis in letters to the editor. Even our congressmen have difficulty engaging in intelligent debate. We think that George Soros, a Jew and patriot, very astutely discussed the reasons for our inability to make progress with this lingering problem. We suggest reading his commentary in www.nybooks.com/articles/20030.

Catherine R. Drown