Letters to the Editor

'It's a gamble'

I was so surprised to find that I agreed with Tom Moradian [letter March 22] regarding young parenthood. However, I would add: Stop lying to young men and women about "safe" sex. Mr. Moradian's description of "acting like a man by being one," should have followed, "Don't have sex, unless you are prepared and capable of raising a child or children."

The only 100% guaranteed method of not having children -- abstinence. When you sit at a blackjack table and lose your money, it's not an "accident." When you have sex with any birth control method, all of which have failure rates, and end up with a pregnancy, it's not an "accident." Stop the politically correct rhetoric. Babies are a known risk from the moment anyone has sex. It's a gamble -- never an accident. If you cannot afford a pregnancy, don't gamble.

I think "real" men understand this logical and blunt concept. Young males are buffaloed by the PC nonsense society feeds them to avoid any discernment or judgment of behavior. It used to be that people that didn't stand up for their principles and values were called cowards.

Jill Mazzei