Letters to the Editor

'Acts of treason'

During Bill Clinton's presidency, terrorists declared war on the U.S.

Democrat responses to acts of war (embassy bombings, World Trade Center car bombing, U.S.S. Cole attack) were arrest warrants. Weak responses emboldened terrorists, leading to 9/11, and the multi-front war.

We battle al-Qaida and Iranian operatives in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. John Murtha proposes ending financial troop support in Iraq. Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin compares our troops to Nazis, Democratic Sen. John Kerry accuses troops of terrorizing women and children, Democratic Sens. Chris Dodd and Patrick Leahy propose "fair trials" for terrorists in U.S. courts. Democrats offer retreat from Iraq, ensuring defeat.

Democrats saying "we support the troops" is absurd. Support means aiding, not impeding victory. Support means terminating, not defending terrorists. Support means waging war with terrorists, not George Bush and Republicans. Democrat "support" emboldens, aids and abets terrorists.

Media liberals echo the Democrats, drumming negative, defeatist propaganda, undermining President Bush and the war on terror, and slandering troops while wrapping themselves in the flag. Case in point: the March 18 Bee front page anti-war rally promotion.

Liberals confuse free speech with acts of treason. It harms America's security, and they need to wake up.

John Rankin

Orange Cove