Letters to the Editor

Just bring them home

"Support Our Troops" -- a rallying cry from the right meaning "pursue the war in Iraq full force." Add the tag "Bring Them Home," and it comes a cry from the left meaning "get the kids out of harm's way because they're not accomplishing anything." I can take my pick, but truthfully I cringe every time I hear the phrase. It says nothing near what I believe or want.

Here is the problem: No matter the soldiers' motives (perhaps personal economic necessity, or even idealism), their deployment is for ignoble, illegal ends. "Protesting American interests overseas" (whether that means securing the established interests of American-based corporations or procuring resources needed "to maintain our standard of living") cannot justify the destruction of another nation -- or even its invasion.

So I just say bring them home, but not just because that will bring safety to those besieged young people who have fallen afoul of their leaders' misguided intentions. Even more, I say it because this is the right thing to do for the people of Iraq.

Richard Stone