Letters to the Editor

'Turn our backs'

I just read that some billionaire gave his palaces to the homeless in Hawaii. I wish he could come to Fresno. Many of our homeless would be thankful with just a portable toilet and trash bins. But some people, including those in the mayor's office, think providing basic needs encourages them to stay homeless.

We must not look at the fact that the jobless rate is high, it takes almost three years to be determined eligible for Supplemental Security Insurance benefits, even if you are disabled, nor can everyone afford the high rents that slum landlords charge.

Maybe the mayor and his backers think the homeless should take the 26 female and 150 or so male shelter beds and sleep three to a bed to make sure to utilize the services provided to them by our tax monies. Let's also forget that there are more than 7,000 homeless in Fresno County, who, as the mayor would like to think, choose to be homeless.

What a dishonor to our veterans coming home from Iraq who are being seen frequenting the streets, in search of a handout. If you want peace, work for justice.

Gloria Hernandez