Letters to the Editor

'Time for California to bite the bullet' on clean air

I was extremely happy to hear that the California Air Resources Board backed down from its proposal to delay the deadline for the cleanup of diesel pollution in the air. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District officials are exactly on the right track when they say that pressure is what is needed in this situation.

In addition to the prospect of another five years of health problems for citizens of Southern California and the Valley discouraging a delay, who is to say that in five years another delay won't be proposed? Eventually, someone needs to put their foot down and get this cleanup accomplished.

It's a shame that we don't have responsible enough representatives on the California Air Resources Board to recognize that this is a serious problem that requires immediate attention, without the protests of environmentalists and legislators.

Yes, it will be difficult. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy, but it is time for California to bite the bullet -- if not for the earth, then for our own health and safety.

Steven Vote

Age 16

Bullard High School