Letters to the Editor

'A wonderful man'

Most obituaries are written by family members. But sometimes your paper runs an obituary for a local community leader written by someone on your staff.

For a few days now, I've been looking for one for Rusty DeRuiter. I knew Rusty from his days as a YMCA camp director at Sequoia Lake in the 1970s. Rusty hired and managed wonderful young people to run the camp and counsel kids. The camps were fun and spiritual at the same time.

After he left the YMCA, Rusty served the community in Reedley by becoming a teacher. I know his door was always open to old friends, because I was with a group that arrived after dark one summer night many years ago, and we were warmly received by Rusty and his wife, Linda.

Last Saturday, at age 66, Rusty died. He wasn't Anna Nicole. He wasn't Britney entering rehab. He was just a wonderful man who served God and his community well. I'll miss him.

Sheila Lynch