Letters to the Editor

Hold city liable

Recently a family member of mine received notification that her street will have sidewalks put in. Sounds great, right? Well, from the property owner's point of view, it's not all that great.

In fact, the notification she received stated that she would lose 12 feet of her property, and not be paid for it. She would also be responsible for the removal of any trees necessary and liable financially for any damage that may occur during construction.

How the city of Fresno can charge a resident for damages it causes is beyond me. Adolescents are charged every day for vandalism and are forced to pay for the damages. So why isn't the city held liable for its damages?

I think every block should have sidewalks, but isn't that why we pay taxes? It is unacceptable that the city takes our taxes and then still charges individual residents for city improvements. Gym fees are cheaper.

Rachel Burchfield