Letters to the Editor

Medical marijuana

I think it is ridiculous that the government is so concerned with medical marijuana usage when prescription drugs are one of the biggest threats facing society. Not only should patients with critical illnesses be allowed to use marijuana as a medicine, but people with common illnesses, such as depression, chronic pain and attention deficit disorder, should have the right as well.

Marijuana is a natural medicine that is very helpful for a variety of problems. If the government is so concerned about the wrong people purchasing from a club or running the club, then it should not be cracking down on patients who cultivate marijuana. If patients had their own garden, then they would not have to support a medical club.

I believe the issue has more to do with the government not making the money it would like off the medical clubs. The government would rather medical marijuana patients support big prescription drug companies that give millions of dollars of special interest money to elected leaders each year. It is a sad reality that the government cares more about money than the well being of people, but it is true.

Hannah Easley