Letters to the Editor

'Do not lose heart'

Darrell L. Cain's letter (March 8) concerns those of us who labor to make the community aware of available cancer support groups. Representatives from cancer centers meet regularly and share information about the groups' meeting places and times. We are open to the entire community without charge or bias.

We refer people to the group that best meets their needs. Some are for specific types of cancer and others are mixed groups. We list these meetings in the Community Calendar in The Bee, on Web pages and on TV and radio when possible. Fliers are also available in every cancer center and the social worker at each center can answer questions about the groups.

I am at a loss to explain the difficulty Mr. Cain experienced and am very sorry for it. I hope this is not a common experience.

I can understand his frustration about the time groups are held. We find that most of our patients do not wish to have evening meetings. For those who work, it certainly is inconvenient to do otherwise. Although we cannot meet every need, we are available to assist in locating a group that can be helpful. Please do not lose heart.

Frieda Brooks, LCSW

California Cancer Center