Letters to the Editor

'Just like any man'

Kathy Nemeth (letter March 21) professes an ability that not very many people have: clairvoyance. According to her, she knows exactly why Hillary Clinton responded in a manner she did with her husband, Bill Clinton, when he "lie(d) to you and cheat(ed) on you over and over ... " She "knows" that Hillary wanted to "advance her career, put (her) dignity aside, and be publicly humiliated."

I wish I had that clairvoyant ability.

From an objective perspective, there might be many reasons why Hillary Clinton worked out her marital problems other than "advanc(ing) her career," etc. Perhaps, as a religious person, she believes in forgiveness; perhaps she loves him enough to go to a counselor (which they did) in order to improve her marriage; or perhaps she didn't want to deal with the horrendous fallout of a divorce.

Whatever the reason, I don't know it. And it doesn't matter. Hillary Clinton should be evaluated, not by unknown intentions, but by her beliefs, her intelligence, her problem-solving ability, her verbal ability and her understanding of world affairs.

Just like any man running for president.

Carole Urzúa