Letters to the Editor

Water, water everywhere -- except at fairground

Recently my family and I attended the fabulous farm show at the fairground. It was a lovely, warm day. So what is the problem?

Who is responsible for maintaining the Fresno fairground? Every water fountain we encountered (except one) was either turned off or had an "out of order" sign posted on it. Is this a conspiracy by the board and vendors to force visitors to purchase a 59 cent bottle of water for $3 (Disneyland prices!) or a $2 cup of lemonade for $4.50?

I observed many visitors attempting to drink from the dried up fountains and walking away disgusted. What have we come to that we cannot use a water fountain but are forced to purchase high-priced drinks?

Drinking fountains and clean, free restrooms are two things America has always offered tourists. I feel that I have been victimized either by a conspiracy or by inept officials who have failed to maintain our county property and thus have robbed me of my freedom of choice.

Sandy Cusak