Letters to the Editor

Part of the 'majority'

There is only one thing correct in the entire front-page article March 19 titled "Some still back fight": the word "minority." Doesn't that tell you something? The article on the majority "protest" was pushed back to the B section.

It's hard to believe how the minority is so out of touch with reality. This is the most shameful war that our country has ever been involved in, and there have been others. It is a war of money-mongers (Halliburton), oil companies and revenge (Bush family).

We are not liberating anyone. The Iraqi people, who are in a civil war, do not want us there. They have lost hundreds of thousands of people, and we have lost more than 3,000 bright young people. They accidentally volunteered for the service.

We have depleted our National Guard, which has left us vulnerable. We have squandered a very large excess of money left by the Democrats, and now have an $8.83 trillion deficit. We are borrowing money from China.

I am a Korean War veteran, and support our troops, but I stand with the majority of American citizens, Democrats and plenty of Republicans, who denounce this unnecessary war.

Bring our troops home!

Chuck Sweeden

Bass Lake