Letters to the Editor

'Feed their own children'

The front-page article "No free lunch" (March 17) states that plain cheese sandwiches with fruit and milk are given to students who do not bring lunch money to school. The article cited the large debt to the school districts caused by feeding children whose parents chronically "forget" to send either a packed lunch or money to buy lunch.

I was appalled and outraged to think that this era of entitlement has gotten to the point that parents somehow think it is the school's responsibility to feed their children. One parent was quoted as saying it was not OK to serve a cheese sandwich because it made some children feel "different" from others.

Whatever happened to "thank you, thank you so much for covering for me because I neglected my responsibility as a parent to take care of the basic needs of my child"? Feeding a child is a basic parental responsibility. I say parents should assume their responsibility and feed their own children.

Valerie DiPinto