Letters to the Editor

'Very juvenile focus'

I'm amazed at the pathetic column written by Kathleen Parker from The Washington Post, "John Edwards or 'Death of a Pretty Boy' " (March 22). Does Ms. Parker seriously believe that "it's unlikely Edwards will be able to survive the tyranny of his bangs"?

The man is earnestly running for president. He is sincere and genuine and seems to honestly care about our country. Yet, all Ms. Parker has to say is that he's "suffered more than a bad hair day" because he licked his lips. Ms. Parker has highlighted her own lack of credibility with her very juvenile focus.

Her timing coincides with the breaking news that Sen. Edwards' wife is once again battling cancer. This is an exemplary couple. Their concern is much larger than themselves. Ms. Parker's ridiculous commentary says more about her than John Edwards. And it isn't pretty.

Dorothy Gander