Letters to the Editor

'Always a pleasure'

Four thousand volunteers and more than $400,000 was raised -- who can beat that? I think that these selling Kids Day newspapers make a wonderful contribution to Children's Hospital Central California. The children are our future and I think doing whatever we can to try and help them and their environment is very important, especially when so many people volunteer happily and stand out on the street in the rain with a cheerful attitude making a difference.

Many kids need help and doing something about it shows great gratitude and makes everyone feel better about them knowing that they are making a difference. It's always a pleasure to drive in the morning on Kids Day every year and see all the amazing people and stopping to buy a paper, and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces knowing that they just made a dollar, and that's one step closer to making an enormous difference for all the children out there every day who need the help and medicine.

Roshana Shirzad