Letters to the Editor

'Awfully meaningless'

President Bush has made mistakes in the current Iraq engagement, no doubt about it. He is human, prone to making mistakes, yet he is trying to protect Americans. This is more than I can say for the far left, which fight against every attempt to protect us.

What have they done to protect us? They fought to make it easier for terrorists to enter the country and communicate with each other, all in the name of "civil liberties." On somewhat of a tangent, they are also quietly working to disarm all law-abiding Americans.

Civil liberties, social programs and entitlements will seem awfully meaningless if a terrorist drops a weapon of mass destruction on a major city. Nations that house terrorists need to recognize that they are our enemies, and we can no longer tolerate the attacks on our embassies, ships and soil. All Americans need to recognize that we are in a long, drawn-out fight against a unique and determined enemy.

Don't let misinformation, political spin or emotions deter us from being willing to logically consider what we must do to defend ourselves. We can't "give peace a chance" while the enemy continues to attack.

Morgan Bowden